Qualcomm has again empowered rural communities in Africa in the area of health care, through the use of its 3G wireless technologies initiative that was launched in 2005. Describing the process to achieving the feat, Qualcomm said health centers will receive computers and support equipment needed for wireless connectivity. The computers, it added, will be connected to Telkom Kenya's Orange Broadband network, based on CDMA2000 revolution. The upgrade will facilitate online reporting to KEMSA and improve coordination between the health care centers, the districts and the PMO, the statement said.

With perfect timing, as Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web predicted in his highly popular TED talk that open data is the web's future, the World Bank last week released its new API.

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GIS and mapping resources for humanitarian / development needs with sections on GPS, Google Earth and others software

The study reveals opportunities for improving ICT skills in the Caribbean among school dropouts and through promoting employer-sponsored professional development to strengthen both the employability of individual youth and the competitiveness of businesses.

Over the course of the past decade, many Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) in the Caribbean have made significant efforts in relation to both ICT skills instruction and more general use of ICT in education. However, these efforts have not yet been rewarded by substantial impact due to regional challenges such as limited ICT capacity of the private sector (where those skills might be used) and the more traditional exam-focused orientation of instruction. At the same time, these efforts have done much to increase student access to ICT at the secondary level, while in the process knowledge, capacity, and experience have been gained by the region’s education personnel, especially among those now responsible for furthering ICT.

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I am currently working on developing a client application for Sahana, which can also act as a standalone data collecting tool for field reporters and people working in the process of disaster relief & management. What is Sahana? "...Free

Some newsgroups were moderated and the concept of moderation plays a major role in online governance today. In more advanced systems, sites are self-moderated to a large extent, but there are always situations where administrators need to act.

Wikipedia is a great case study regarding the evolution of moderation in governance. It's subject to pranks or outright disinformation attacks, with periodic improvements in moderation. Jimmy Wales will rarely make a decision as a "benevolent dictator," but normally the users of Wikipedia control the material.

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A map of the terms used most frequently by Twitter users around the nation as the Steelers took on the Cardinals in the Super Bowl.

Data from Informa indicates that by 2010 half of the planet's population will have access to the Internet through a mobile device.  Should you make your website mobile?  We have heard recently from a number of organizations contemplating whether they

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Agencies help move free microblogging service beyond social media novelty.

UPDATE:  Henrietta Fore, the administrator of USAID, announced today the winner of the USAID Development 2.0 Innovation Challenge focused on mobile technology.  MobileActive was a judge for the Challenge. The Challenge, a co-production between USAID's

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Our field has discovered that mobile phones are useful tools for collecting data in the field.   As a result, there is an abundance of mobile data collection applications and projects. Unlike bulk messaging and general information services that are