As they say, some personal news. After a decade advancing digital rights and resilience work at Internews, I’m excited to start a journey in the private sector. The big reveal there soon, first I’ve gotta take a moment to celebrate some wins for myself and the team.

We’ve had amazing people pass through the doors of our DC office(s), and the strength of global team we are today is one of the reasons I know it’s a great time for me to bounce without fear that I will leave a hole that the team cannot fill.

For the full story, follow my thread on Mastodon

None of this amazing work happened in a vacuum, though – our work is amazing because of our team and our partners are epic. Out of fear of forgetting to name drop someone, and respecting both teammates and partners who keep a low online profile, I won’t name names here. Our commitment to building and mentorship has meant we’ve supported staff on career journeys from program assistants to project leads and threat analysts, and have made welcomed “competitors” (if only from a funding perspective) out of partners.

There are a lot of really hard problems, and our only chance is to share, work together, and support each other - from building open content and code to seeing each other as equals. This is hard and I know I’ve failed at times, but the successes are systems-changing.

Showing up for each other, sometimes quietly and invisibly, but forcefully, matters. A special call-out to Babette and Haley, who have been amazing allies, confidants, leaders, fixers-of-all-the-things, and friends throughout my entire decade at Internews.

OK OK you’ve been very patient. I’m joining @seanwbrooks to help grow threat ideation at Meta. This work leverages threat intel to lead adversarial design and prepare for sophisticated attacks both against new products and based on world events.

I want to see and do this work at scale. It’ll be a huge change and learning opportunity, but I hope to bring my community-centric, pragmatic, and long-term approach with me.

My heart will forever be with the Internet Freedom community, so expect to see me back (professionally). Until then, most of you have my Signal already - if not, slide into my DMs.