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Latest: Internet Freedom's Final Frontier

The gravity of terrestrial attacks on human rights is not magically escaped in orbit

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New Blog: Building Tools for Human Rights

It’s time to add formal requirements to our tool funding process to reduce risks while also contributing to building more inclusive tools

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Zebras walking away on a long road in Ngorongoro crater

Recent: As they say, some personal news.

After a decade advancing digital rights and resilience work at Internews, I’m excited to start a journey in the private sector.

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Recent: Censorship and Centralization

De-platforming gets thrown around as equivalent to censorship or getting kicked off of the Internet, but this is a dangerous and self-fulfilling lie.

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Recent: Goodbye,

Moving on after 13 years of drupal-ing

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Project: SatComms Safety

Satellite Communication Threats is an adversary-neutral review of known risks with satellite communications (satphones, BGANs, and LEO-orbit (StarLink) terminals).

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Project: Level-Up

Level Up is a collection of digital safety resources targeted at trainers to build more engaging and impactful curricula

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Project: SAFETAG

SAFETAG is a community-owned, capacity-centered framework for organizational digital security assessment that I co-authored.

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Malicious Content

A card game lovingly lampooning digital safety

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