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Building Tools for Human Rights

5 minute read

It’s time to add formal requirements to our tool funding process to reduce risks while also contributing to building more inclusive tools

As they say, some personal news.

3 minute read

After a decade advancing digital rights and resilience work at Internews, I’m excited to start a journey in the private sector.


5 minute read

This is (hopefully!) the last post on my drupal instance and will be the first on my new jekyll-bases static site.

Into the fediverse

4 minute read

This is an experiment to be both more social, and less on "social media". I have created a personal and private account in what’s called Mastodon.

Centering Decentralization

10 minute read

“Oh great, another white dude from a western democracy going off about decentralization.” I promise that I will not be hawking a crypto-currency or even talk...

Censorship and Centralization

2 minute read

We also cannot cede the digital public square to private corporations which do not, at their core, serve the public interest.

De-platforming is censure not censorship.

14 minute read

Not being able to find a company to make your presence on the Internet easy is fundamentally different from having a government actively blocking access to y...

Re-factoring the Crypto Debate

7 minute read

Backdooring crypto debates are dangerously US-centric; ignoring the role of authoritarian states and how even this tightly scoped debate would put human righ...

Cyberpunk Standards

14 minute read

The future of technology requires a dramatic shift from the present to place ownership and control back in the hands of consumers