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Dan Kaminsky is working on a software testing tool to check to see if your ISP is giving equal quality to all your traffic, or if they are favoring certain types of traffic (VOIP over web pages, or throttling all bittorrent traffic to a crawl) or preferring certain sites (AOL over Google, based on who's paid more).

I've mostly avoided wading in on the Net Neutrality debate; not because I don't feel strongly about it, but because it seems so blatantly wrong that I feel arguing for it is like arguing for the importance of sunshine or eating every day. Further, I'm not too overly concerned about the consequences of "losing" this fight -- sure, I don't want to, but I figure a few days after ISPs start implementing annoying bandwidth restrictions, the geek type users will start implementing labyinthine methods to work around it. Can we say http over voip tunnelling, boys and girls?