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It sounds like the Burmese government has simply cut off their net connections. From Boingboing:

CNN is reporting that Myanmar has cut Internet access and also reports “Unconfirmed reports of bodies in the streets, protesters shot.” and “New video appears to show point blank shooting of protester in Yangon.”

As a clarification, and no surprise here: officials in the military regime controlling Burma (Myanmar) still have internet access, regular folks do not.

BB reader Dave Hecht adds

The NYT’s Lede blog has pretty extensive coverage of Burmese military junta’s shutdown of public internet and other communications channels. We must be living in the future if to stop a revolution, the government needs to shutdown the Internet. The Times page has links to blogs, some of which are still up, some which are ominously blacked out. Link.

Anybody got some Pringles cans handy?