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Salon.com has an exclusive article detailing the detainment of an innocent Yemeni citizen in CIA's black site prisons:

The guards wore black masks and black clothes. They would not utter a word as they extracted Bashmilah from his cell for interrogation – one of his few interactions with other human beings during his entire 19 months of imprisonment. Nobody told him where he was, or if he would ever be freed.

It was enough to drive anyone crazy. Bashmilah finally tried to slash his wrists with a small piece of metal, smearing the words "I am innocent" in blood on the walls of his cell. But the CIA patched him up.

So Bashmilah stopped eating. But after his weight dropped to 90 pounds, he was dragged into an interrogation room, where they rammed a tube down his nose and into his stomach. Liquid was pumped in.

Mark Twain once said; "Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." I haven't supported my government for a long time, and I've almost lost all support for even my country when things like this come to light on a weekly basis and fall on deaf ears.