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A quick rundown of my recent posts looking at the value of using Open Source in combination with Web 2.0 tools for non-profits / NGOs and the like:

The Power of Open - an introduction to the economic background knowledge important to discuss how Web 2.0 and Open Source work (also discusses what Web 2.0 and Open Source mean).

Twitter - A sidetrack to peek at a new Web 2.0 service.

Web 2.0 101 - How Web 2.0 can work for you.

Popular Web 2.0 Sites - a quick overview of the current landscape of Web 2.0 sites useful to nonprofits.

Open Source Software - Desktop software that's created by global teams of volunteers.

A Better Browser - The fantastic marriage of Open Source and Web 2.0

A Better Browser II - Even more cool things you can do

Write Once, Post Everywhere - A close look at how Open Source and Web 2.0 can drastically reduce workload.

Open Source and Web 2.0 - How you can use Open Source software to run your website with built-in Web 2.0 goodness.