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Here is essentially a list of resources from the DC ICT4Dev Meetup on careers (you'll have to do the googling and hyperlinking yourselves. Email me at jon @ joncamfield dot com if you're interested in this in a wiki form.


Development organizations with ICT: Chemonics, ACT, DAI, CHF

Orgs with real ict4dev departments: AED, Winrock, RTI (n/ carolina ict+health), Nethope, APCD(?)

For africa: kabissa.org, digitalopportunity.org

News / keeping up with the sector

mobileactive.org, globalgiving.org, kiva, microplace, also see sites under job listing

Job listings

oneworld.net, devnetjobs.org, devex, devgateway

...look at the orgs as well as the jobs to see who's hiring/etc.

EVENTS and networking un foundation + vodafone sms for change next tues

networking most important, talk tolocal event speakers; set up informational interviews/coffee/mtgs

Volunteering volunteering as a way to test the waters and get experience

humaninet, geekcorps/iesc, unvolunteers, telecom w/o borders

non-Bank/usaid care+ibm shared infrastucture for MFIs (af/latam)

InterAction, InterNews, inveneo (low-power PCs), voxiva (health PDAs => national health infrastructure => platform for mobile data collection hiring now from for-profit)