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I updated my OLPC from the shipped build 656 to the release candidate for the muh-anticipated Update.1, here's what I did and what happened:

  • from a root terminal, olpc-update candidate-703
    (wait about 30 minutes; you're almost there when it gets to "Verifying")
  • Reboot
  • OMG your basic activities are all gone! Download the activity pack through at wiki.laptop.org
  • Save it to a USB key, and reboot, holding down the "X" gamepad key after the screen comes on during boot
  • It will install the activites and shut down -- remove the key or it'll keep installing them on boot and shutting down.
  • Your base activites and any you'd added yourself will be back on the next boot. If you'd customized your menu order, though, that's gone.

My SD card wasn't showing up, but shutting down, removing it, rebooting and putting it back in worked. (XP on the XO is closer to reality than we think with all these "reboot and it works" moments!)

So the update was a little complex (I get the desire to separate OS from Activities, but make it two automatic steps folks -- not update, lose the GUI ability to repair or even troubleshoot the problem, and hope people have a spare computer they can download the activities with. It has all the finesse of installing Windows on a computer and having it ask you if it can connect to the Internet to try and download the drivers for the only network card. Right, 'cuz that's gonna work.

Suspend/sleep at least exists on 703; I can tap the power button and it goes into powersave mode (though the wifi light stays on -- probably by design again I realize, but I need to figure out a (hopefully automated) way to sleep/hibernate the laptop for it to really be functional for me.

Also; when will the gamepad keys (pr even Fn-up/pageup/down) scroll the journal? I hate having to click the very tiny scrollbar there.

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