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Join local activities!So, after xochat went into deep hibernation (though it’s back to stay and has its own regional servers), Wayan asked for friends to chat with: XO laptop owners need more jabber servers to mesh network on. Every time I look at my empty neighborhood view I am sad. Yet I am not geek enough to run a jabber server solo. I need the help of a jabber expert to set one up for DC.

The super nice folks at Obscure.org set up a jabber server for the DC area, and there are many other community jabber servers listed at Laptop.org wiki list of community jabber servers. Any one server can only handle up to ~150 users at a time, so please choose your community's server (if your community doesn't have one, try setting one up, or contacting Harper Reed of XOChat.org for an XOChat regional server)

Find friends and shared activitesThis means that you can use it to chat (or share other activities like write or browse!) with other XO users whenever you’re connected to the Internet, instead of waiting until they’re in range to interact via the mesh.

It takes a few seconds to set up via the sugar control panel, and works amazingly well. The process is documented over in the OLPCNews forums, and I've included the short-and-sweet instructions in the full article (click below).

Jabber servers can get overwhelmed by too many users, so make sure you connect to one that's near to you (or set up your own Jabber server for your local OLPC users group!) . If you're in DC however, this is a call to action to sign on to dc.olpc.obscure.org, share chat activities and create some online meshy XO community love! Setup instructions, server information for the rest of the world, and some tips and tricks after the jump.

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