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May 3 is World Press Freedom Day. To celebrate my ability to post things I find inspiring to the Internet (where as many as 10 people other than my mother might read it (Hi Mom - happy mother’s day in advance!)), here is a collection of tangentially related links on freedom, privacy, and the role of ICT in press freedom and citizen voice.

Does Facebook have int’l development impact? https://www.ictworks.org/news/2011/05/04/does-facebook-have-any-international-development-impact (What about SMS? https://researchspace.csir.co.za/dspace/bitstream/10204/3419/1/Butgereit3_2008.pdf )

Freedom of the press in India: https://www.nytimes.com/2011/04/28/technology/28internet.html

Finally, someone is building an SMS listserv: https://www.mobileactive.org/smsall-growth-sms-mailing-list-pakistan-1

How governments censor: https://www.cpj.org/reports/2011/05/the-10-tools-of-online-oppressors.php

Getting around government censorship: https://www.freedomhouse.org/template.cfm?page=383&report=97

Nearly half of NYT reports have sourced WikiLeaks so far in 2011: https://www.theatlanticwire.com/global/2011/04/over-half-2011s-new-york-times-issues-use-wikileaks/37009/

The US government doesn’t think it needs a warrant to search electronic communications: https://www.aclu.org/blog/free-speech-technology-and-liberty/does-government-want-read-your-texts-and-emails

Live from Uganda – political unrest, strikes, and an attempt to block Facebook and Twitter traffic: https://globalvoicesonline.org/2011/04/19/uganda-government-attempts-to-block-facebook-twitter-as-protests-continue/ , One ISP stands its ground: https://twitter.com/#!/MTNUGANDACARE/status/58844526369976320

My Delicious feed is full of this kind of stuff here: https://www.delicious.com/joncamfield ; as is my ICT4D news aggregator, https://ictdev.org/