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Not a very bloggy year, but I like to think I made up for quantity with quality. By far and away, the most popular post I wrote in 2011 was Privacy, Trust, NymWars, and Social Change, in which I tried to clarify why pseudonyms are valuable in online civic discourse.

Coming in second, Monitoring and Evaluation is broken. Let’s really break it. - a gripe on the somewhat depressing state of M&E, especially in the tech4dev world, based on a discussion at the DC Technology Salon.

In third place, we have my calling on the #Occupy crowd to get beyond building sustainable tent cities and get down to loca, domestic and glocal action: In the Global Mirror, the #OWS 99% looks a lot like the 1%

Following on from that, a piece calling for voting support for Changemakers’ Economic Opportunity competition.

Finishing fifth, The Art of Failing, where I discuss DC’s own FailFaire and the value of talking about projects that didn’t go so well.

Next, Back from Dakar: How I built a Drupal 7 site in 7 days,

In seventh place, Apples that are neither green nor easy to digest., a discussion about Mike Daisey’s coverage of Apple, which is thankfully back in the news and causing change!

Eight is indeed great, with my post advertising my panel at DCWeek 2011 on Tech Trends

Ninth is The Jasmine Revolution, a fascinating social media blip in China.

Finally at tenth spot is Online Activism after #ArabSpring : What’s Next?, an event at IREX I moderated for the DC ICT4D Meetup.

It was, it seems, a busy year.