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“Launch At” ?

1 minute read

Techsoup has a good interview with the Chief Connectivity Officer, Michael Bletsas, of OLPC. Unfortunately, it does nothing to quell my concerns about their...

The Dutch Boy vs. the Great Firewall

less than 1 minute read

a fascinating analysis reveals that for the keyword-blocking aspects of the Chinese firewall, there is a simple workaround where you can just ignore its effe...

Collective Action

6 minute read is running an article by Jaron Lanier on the current drive towards meta-content and collective-rule on the Internet (think Wikipedia, BoingBoing, Di...

Re-mapping development

less than 1 minute read

The WorldMapper remaps the globe according to various statistics gathered mostly by the Bank and the IMF. Particularly interesting are the maps for license ...


less than 1 minute read

So, more as an elaborate bookmarking system than a full wiki (for now), I have installed the latest and greatest MediaWiki server here at an...

OLPC redux

3 minute read

The OLPC laptop is fading for me. Not only is it being a bit vaporware-y, they've dropped the hand-crank, and are planning on running it on WinCE, because ...

Death by synonym

10 minute read

Sterling (who's iron is in this fire, preferring his own neologism, "spime"), has linked to a compiled list of all the synonyms for "blogjects" -- objects wh...


2 minute read

Computers aren't green. The article covers the market in computer scrap smuggling into China, for labor-intensive, environmentally-unfriendly scrapping and ...

The myth of leapfrogging?

3 minute read

Kevin Kelly provides an excellent analysis of the rust beneath the chrome of leapfrogging:

The Digital Ditch

2 minute read

The Digital Divide Simulator lets you select the website you want to test, then select the bandwidth you want to simulate, and click "simulate". You will be ...

World Bank and ICTs

1 minute read

I think I'm pretty much obligated to talk about the World Bank's ICT data and report about "Investments in information and communication technologies (ICT) i...