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Fostering Innovation

3 minute read

John Daly wins the award for insanely detailed blog entries with his blogel (my neologism for novel-length blogs, spread it!) on K4D, which is its own neolog...

Spimes and blogjects?

3 minute read

Well, here it is, post SXSW and I've been nowhere near Austin. Not that, as a native Austinite, I really get hyped up about SXSW. All these people invade t...


1 minute read

… not my style at all, but that was what I was aiming for: If they think you’re crude, go technical; if they think you’re technical, go crude. I’m a ve...

ICT on the homefront

4 minute read

DC seeks city-wide wifi, and actually focuses on free access for the poor.

Censored Net Access?

2 minute read

With all this ire suddenly released against Google (have we been waiting for them to prove that they weren't perfect?) Yahoo (it's been a while since we got ...

Cultural eHegemony

5 minute read

Der Spiegel, as picked up in YaleGlobal and Eldis's ICT-for-Dev RSS feed reports a (French) worry about "the homogenization and commercialization of culture ...

Glocal Internet Freedom

less than 1 minute read

I think it's abhorrent that China is even sending uniformed patrols to local libraries to enforce what citizens can and cannot read on the often-already-filt...

Pringles Cans on the Saudi Border

4 minute read

In "Weaving the Authoritarian Web: Liberalization, Bureaucratization, and the Internet in Non-Democratic Regimes," Boas, details primarily Saudi and Chinese ...

Snails-Pace ICT Development

7 minute read

There’s an old adage among geeks that goes something like, Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon packed full of tape drives travelling at high...

3rd World Cyber Activism and the DOS

8 minute read

Electronic mobilization (as seen, for example, in the Dean campaign) is good at building a swarm of activity, but bad at moving to a more self-monitoring w...

Basics in ICT4Dev

6 minute read

So yeah, it's obvious that I like computers, and think that this whole "Internet" thing holds some transformative power for development

Web 2.0 + 10

3 minute read

So, I have a problem with the hype surrounding "Web 2.0" [1], which is mainly that it's not as new as everyone claims. Definitely, it's a new ballpark from ...

The Trout Guerilla Consulting Group

30 minute read

Many years ago - decades - I dreamt of staring a small, rude consulting group, called the “Trout Guerilla Consulting Group.” These were its founding document...