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World Bank and National Economic Models

1 minute read

I got to attend a lecture by William Easterly on his new book, focusing on whether or not foreign aid can affect world poverty (spoiler: the past 5 decades d...

OLPC now XO?

3 minute read

There's a developing thread at Engadget about the branding efforts on the OLPC, as well as some argument to its utility. I of course jumped in, responding to...


less than 1 minute read

I used to use recipes as a good, non-new/Internet-y example of how you can still make profits (recipe books) with no attempt at copyright enforcement (who c...


less than 1 minute read

A lot more information about Zimbabwe, some history, and also a look at their draconian proposed wiretap law (it's possible even worse than in the US!)

The limits of ICT4D

1 minute read

Someone has to pay the 'net bill: Internet traffic in Zimbabwe has come close to a standstill after an international satellite firm slashed its bandwidth be...

Nica Tech Writeup: The importance of local

6 minute read

Sometimes, knowing the local context is not only important, but a stark requirement. Scratch that - always. In Managua, Nicaragua, this is point is driven ...

Morality of Development

4 minute read

Development, like politics, is a metaphorical room where you're amazed at just how many elephants can fit simultaneously, and yet be ignored. These elehpant...

The Economics of Free

less than 1 minute read

While not strictly dev/ICT related, this blog is tracking the economic implications of Open Source, (focusing on the university software development context)...

Technology and the University

less than 1 minute read

More tangentially related tech info, my former employers, The University of Texas' Office of Technology Commercialization are hosting their next big conferen...

Esperanza En Accion

less than 1 minute read

I'm on the technology committee of the Esperanza En Accion board, and as part of this, and in fulfilling a long-standing promise to EeA's director, I'm off t...

Net Neutrality

1 minute read

Dan Kaminsky is working on a software testing tool to check to see if your ISP is giving equal quality to all your traffic, or if they are favoring certain t...

IPR and … plants?

less than 1 minute read

Brazil is registering list of plant names to fight pharma companies from trademarking the names when using compounds extracted from these plants. India also ...


less than 1 minute read

Steven Johnson has a nice quick list of topics we can move beyond when discussing blogs: Mainstream, top-down, professional journalism will continue to p...