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Power to the Users

5 minute read

Cross-posted from the USABLE blog <p>Three years ago, I led a digital security training for independent media in Kyiv during the peak of the EuroMa...

New GPG Keys!

4 minute read

I am transitioning both my professional and personal GPG keys.

On Piracy

9 minute read

Software licensing limits are a bigger human rights problem than software piracy is a cost.

Encryption saves lives

3 minute read

There are many great arguments to protect truly private communications from a human rights perspective, and specifically through a Constitutional lens

Let’s talk about Organizational Security.

1 minute read

SAFETAG is a project that myself and another colleague have spent countless hours building out to really focus on working with small non-profits on assessing...

Time to Ideate!

less than 1 minute read

Pivot-Twist-Dev takes the classic “pivot-twist” approach for idea pitches of taking a familiar concept and twisting it in a new way to the international deve...


1 minute read

You know what hasn’t gotten an update in a while? This blog! What else? The cute kittens of digital security over at icanhazdigitalsecurity

Of Tor and Condoms

10 minute read

I am far from the first to compare digital security practices to safer sex practices; Jillian York even rapped about it on stage at re:publica in 2014

Do you trust your tools?

7 minute read

Let’s actually talk about how you might have trust in a software project, using Tor as an example.