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1 minute read

You know what hasn’t gotten an update in a while? This blog! What else? The cute kittens of digital security over at icanhazdigitalsecurity

Of Tor and Condoms

10 minute read

I am far from the first to compare digital security practices to safer sex practices; Jillian York even rapped about it on stage at re:publica in 2014

Do you trust your tools?

7 minute read

Let’s actually talk about how you might have trust in a software project, using Tor as an example.

The promises of a decentralized currency

14 minute read

I once rented a part of a house that had been, well, not fully cleaned out from the previous occupants… A bit of digging uncovered a fascinating tale of cros...

Kyiv on #Jan25

5 minute read

I spent this past week in Kiev. You may have heard something about the protests, and possibly even about some of the policy changes and new laws that sparke...

Jam Echelon Day, Redux

4 minute read

(Or, how to remind anyone snooping your email of your fourth amendment rights)

Stop doing Technology for Good So Badly.

8 minute read

I’ve been reflecting on some of the challenges I’ve faced across multiple organizations trying to leverage the power of technology to create positive social ...

The Anti-Halo Effect

3 minute read

Create pro-consumer mobile technology and open up a new market of multi-platform and platform-agnostic users who want the best devices.