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3 minute read

This should come later in the F/LOSS and Web 2.0 101 series, but Twitter is a fun and simple tool with huge potential. I've begun using Twitter, and have it...

The Power of Open

6 minute read

I presented and later ran a roundtable discussion on using web 2.0 and open source software for service/volunteer organizations. I kept getting requests for...

Nicaraguan Artesania for Giftmas!

less than 1 minute read

Esperanza en Accion, a fair-trade, social justice organization working with Nicaraguan artisans, has a huge selection of items in their online eBay store, ju...

Repeat after me

4 minute read

"Buying falafel mix does not a terrorist make." The FBI might do well to write that in chalk 500 times, and hope that it sinks in, as they're wasting our mo...

Celebrate LOGO’s 40th Birthday

3 minute read

Originally published on OLPCNews The Logo programming language is 40 years old, writes WIRED. A Logo spiral

JWZ on backups

1 minute read

JWZ as usual offers good, if acerbic, advice; today on backups: I am here to tell you about backups. It’s very simple. Option 1: Learn not to care about yo...

DRM Redux

8 minute read

Back in the late 90s, as Napster was being circled by vultures, I dreamt of starting a consulting group which would seek out clients needing help and place d...

Firefox Addons

less than 1 minute read

You could probably guess that I love the Firefox web browser, right? I'm also naturally a big fan of the addons you can get to extend its power. I'm always...

World Bank Roller Coaster Press Release

2 minute read

Carrot: "The World Bank has promised to contribute a record $3.5bn (£1.7bn) to help the world's poorest countries. The figure is double what the agency init...


1 minute read

The BBC has a story on the Burmese Monks and their cyberskills: The internet has also become a virtual space for political groups who could not openly expre...


less than 1 minute read

I'll be in India for most of the rest of September...

Going their own way

4 minute read

The WaPo has an excellent story of the New Latin Left movement, which has reduced their dependence on IMF and Bank loans (and their requisite policy prescri...